This was such a fun vacation Michael and I took up North 2 weeks ago. There’s something about the Northern coast that is just so magical. We were hiking through the forest and before we knew it we were at the cliffs with the most beautiful ocean views and sandy beaches. They really have the best of everything up there! Although we didn’t have any cell service or hardly any wifi, it felt so nice to just be off the grid enjoying nature and embracing the calmness.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… Lucy Activewear is the bomb dot com! The quality of every Lucy piece makes such a difference with my workouts. Whenever I buy cheap (under $15) leggings from places they start to come unraveled at the seams, lose their elasticity, or fade way too quickly. Lucy just lasts and when it comes to working out, I need something I can count on. I’m the first to jump at any excuse to not workout and if my fitness wardrobe isn’t fitting properly or is of poor quality, that’s just another reason to skip cardio for that day in my opinion. (And who needs more excuses to not workout?! It’s difficult enough!) There isn’t a better feeling than feeling cute and comfortable when you’re headed for the gym either and Lucy delivers on all accounts! I love this entire look but this jacket just steals the show. It was pretty chilly up in Northern California and I’m so happy I brought this piece with me. It’s insulated for lightweight warmth so it keeps you nice and toasty, but its super stylish so it’s a win/win. I’m loving the other color options as well like this blue one or the classic black one. The good news is that It’s marked down to $75 (almost half off + Free Shipping!) and just in time for the Holidays and Winter season! Guys (if you’re reading this), the ladies in your life will absolutely LOVE this for Christmas and is the perfect gift right before the New Year kicks off with it’s new health kicks and workout regimens.  Another great jacket option and one of my favorites is this wrap version in black. These Jogger pants are heavenly (I just realized i’m wearing them right now while I type, too) and they come in black which is always a great option! I also really like these joggers, and these ones, oh and these too! You really just can’t get enough of the Lucy line.

(I received product from lucy for this article but all opinions are my own.)

Location: Elk, California

Ciao Bella’s Xx B.


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