What could be better than a little baby blue Spanish inspired embroidered dress with billowy sleeves? How about a little baby blue Spanish inspired embroidered dress with billowy sleeves that’s 50% off?! At only $25 this dress could be your closets newest addition, and your new best friend this summer. I was shocked when I purchased mine because I love a fantastic festive dress, and one that is on sale is even better. I love especially how light weight this one is because it can pretty much be worn in any season! For Summer, add a pair of sandals or cute fringed booties and for Winter just add a cute jacket and some tights and you’re all set! Versatile and thrifty, sign me up! The only downside about how lightweight it is, is that you can’t really wear it on windy days. I was having a little trouble battling the Santa Ana winds on this particular day. Luckily, I was wearing shorts underneath or the patrons at The Orange Circle sure would have had quite the show! This was one of my looks that I wore to Stagecoach this year, only I wore sand colored fringed booties since it’s basically a giant dustbowl at the festival. I wanted to share some pics from Stagecoach, but my trusty photographer (and loving husband) was not able to attend, and my cousin can’t be trusted with electronics. As for my hair, it is not naturally curly. I achieved this look with a very small curling wand that is tapered in size, creating a more natural look. I always get compliments when I do my hair this way and everyone thinks it’s natural which makes me so happy since I’ve wanted curly hair every since I was little. Thanks, Curly Sue! I just love this dress so much (as if you couldn’t tell) and I hope that if you do buy it that you love it as much as I do.

Location: The Orange Circle || Orange, California

Ciao Bella's
Xx B.


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