TOP: One Clothing at TJ Maxx in stores or similar here and here|| SHORTS: H&M similar here || HAT: Forever 21 || RING: Pretty Particular || SHOES: Target || NAILS: Dazzle Dry

I hope everyone had an awesome Easter Sunday! We spent ours with family and played in the pool with our adorable nephew Jax. He brought this giant inflatable gecko that you can ride and he was so excited about it that it made everyone else super excited too. If you can believe it, this entire look is under $60! (Minus the Jewelry) This hat will be my Spring/Summer main go to. It can seriously go with anything. I’m not kidding, I wouldn’t put it past me to pair it with some sweats. (Don’t test me…I’ll do it! haha) Ever since our trip to Italy last year I’ve been dying over getting a boater hat. This one is of great quality and won’t fly right off your head with the slightest breeze. And even better, it’s under $15. I paired it this time with a pair of cutoffs and a sleeveless striped tank. Stripes and a boater hat just go together like Gluten Free cookies + Almond Milk. (Anyone else with me?) I’ve been wearing this ring by Pretty Particular pretty much in every post now because I am obsessed! It’s only come off for the gym and the pool, this is odd for me because I am generally drawn to only gold jewelry. The husband recently worked at a huge spa event and brought home some goodies for me including this polish. I have never used Dazzle Dry before but am now hooked! It is completely dry in 5 minutes with zero worries of smudging or messing up your perfect manicure. Looks like I’ll be shopping their site soon because he only brought me trial sizes and I don’t have an hour to wait for my nails to dry. I’ve just been too spoiled now! A little update on my Whole 30 experience: I am currently on day 11 and feel awesome! I can’t wait to share my whole experience and recipes with you once we have finished. I also cannot wait to have a glass of wine either.

Location: The Orange Circle || Irvine, California

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