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I am changing up my Braid Game with my new Irresistible Me Extensions! I discovered this line from other testimonials that I saw on Instagram and decided to try them out for myself. I naturally have very thick hair so it can be somewhat difficult at times to blend extensions with my hair unless I use a ton of them, which can be uncomfortable. These run a tad thinner because I ordered them in 24″ and the longer you go, the thinner they get towards the ends. (Making it more difficult to blend.) However, I didn’t want these for everyday wear because they are so so long, but I really just wanted to play with them and up my braid game with some more length. Plus, when they’re meshed together with your natural hair into a braid they blend flawlessly. These are the 100% Human Hair Silky Touch 24″ Extensions in Platinum Blonde #613. They are lighter than my hair but match the highlight so it seemed to work out perfectly. They are also very soft and silky. This set comes with 10 Pieces all ranging in different sizes so you can really put them in any arrangement you’d like. For an even longer braid you could even take the 2 clip ones and clip them into the braid halfway down and keep braiding it all together. This would give you an insanely long braid. I also normally like to pull apart my braids so they look very full but that usually just takes away from the length. So this is the perfect solution so you can have the best of both worlds! I plan to put together a more in depth tutorial for ya’ll on these but I was just so excited to share with you now. PLUS, they’re having a memorial day sale with up to 50% off, so I couldn’t let that opportunity pass you up either. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend and feel free to shoot me a message if you have any further questions about these beautiful locks!

For those who want to have braided hair done by a professional, you can rely on experts from

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