DIFF Eyewear

Crazyyyyyy excited about this collaboration with DIFF Eyewear! Not only because these sunnies are super cute, but also because it’s a chance to give back! These are the zoey frames in cream tortoise with pink polarized lenses, but they also come in 5 other combinations. I’m also digging these in the gold mirror lenses for a more toned down look. The quality of these sunnies are on a whole other level, you can just tell that they’re going to last.


Overalls are back in full swing and I’m already dreading having to pack them away for the Winter! We took these pics a while ago when we first arrived in Graeagle and when it was warmer! I am currently dressed in pants and a sweater and my LA tan has completely vanished.

H&M Active

Is anyone else over here wondering where September went? This month has flown by, and although I didn’t get to the gym as much as I wish I had, I sure did look cute when I did go thanks to H&M’s super chic Sportswear line! This padded outdoor vest is a must have for me this winter because the snow is coming and look how cute it is, it’s pink! This classic black running jacket is a staple and also comes in light grey and dark turquoise. I probably don’t need these super rad sports tights, but I want them and that’s important too, right? I encourage you all to go check out all the other awesome looks in their Sportswear line because you will not regret it. (This is not an ad, I just really really like this line!)

3 Years

I cannot believe we’ve only been married for 3 years! I feel like it was just yesterday that we were away on our Honeymoon to the prettiest place on earth, Italy. Michael and I are currently apart on this Anniversary and he surprised me today with this little video compilation from out Italian Adventures. It made me tear up but also really cheered me up because he’s always doing little romantic things like this that let me know just how lucky we are. I cannot wait to get back to this magical country and explore all the places we didn’t even get to see. Happy Anniversary to my love and may the years be filled with many more adventures like this.

Camp Life

I can’t believe this is all so real!!! I’m living in the mountains? My Dadio keeps calling me his little mountain woman and I’m not quite sure how I feel about that! I am definitely still a city girl but am getting a little more used to all of the critters out here in the woods. The blaring sounds of ambulances, the party goers singing in the streets until 2 am are now replaced with loads of silence, crickets in the evenings, a fluffy brown bear, and more silence. Oh how life has changed.

Red, White, & Watermelon

Whoa, has it been an eternity since my last post! (Well only a month, but that’s enough to make me a crazy person.) If you haven’t seen yet on my Instagram, we have made a very sudden move from Los Angeles to Northern California to a town called Graeagle. We had a business opportunity that we just couldn’t pass up and now here we are, in the country, owners of a Campground! I never thought this would be where the future would lead us, but I am very excited for this new adventure and can’t wait to share more of our journey with you all.

Rainbow is my favorite color

Rainbow is 100% my favorite color and has been since I was a little tot, mainly because I am super indecisive. I’ve always said, “No I don’t have to choose just one color when I can have them all!” This is one of my favorite suits because I’m a sucker for one pieces and it doesn’t hurt that this gem is only $12!