Oh Northern Cali, How you do us well every single time. Whenever we head up North to visit my mum we usually just stay in Manchester Beach and rarely venture out anywhere. This time we decided to just drive the coast a little and see what we could find. It took us about an hour until we arrived at these two adorable towns, Mendocino and Fort Bragg. We drove through Mendocino first and stopped to have lunch and do a little shopping in Fort Bragg. We found this adorable Italian restaurant called Cucina Verona that we instantly fell in love with. There was and older couple dining there, the waitress, and us. Oh how I love small towns! Although I don’t think we could live there since were both more keen to the larger cities, we still Zillow’d the area just to see what was available. I think we pretty much do that in every city we visit. You never know, you may just want to move or could find an awesome opportunity for a business! We stepped a little out of our comfort zones and ordered the Clam Chowder and the Clam Pizza with artichokes and orange zest to share, as well as two Gewurztraminer’s. We always share at every restaurant we go to because it gives us the opportunity to try more dishes. It’s usually my idea because I’m super indecisive. (Must be the Libra in me.) After lunch we walked through the town to find some interesting shops and stumbled across the kind of shop I would want to own, a Gift and Home Decor Shop called Astoria. Everything in this place was curated to perfection and the owner was the only one in there working and she was super passionate and friendly and I just loved that kind of charm. We ended up leaving with the perfect ornament for our Christmas tree and Holiday nutcracker cupcake decorations that you’ll soon see! Every year we try to choose an ornament that best represents that year for us. We found a wishbone one in the color teal and gold. This year I rebranded my Blog and the wishbone represents a wish come true and it just happened to be the same color scheme as my new Blog so it was just fate! We scouted out 3 Thrift Stores in the area to see what gems we could find, and I was not disappointed. It’s one of our favorite things to do because one mans trash can really be another mans treasure! I certainly found my treasure with two authentic Chanel Scarfs in excellent condition for under $4.50 each! We ended the day in the very small town of Mendocino nestled right up along the coast to enjoy some much needed Espresso and take in the view. We’ll definitely be back to visit these towns on our next trip up North!

Even though the sun way shining, it still gets chilly along the coast which is why I was so thankful I decided (last minute) to pack my puffer vest! It’s amazing how warm you can be just by keeping your core warm and toasty! This one is an old one but I have linked very similar one’s above. This button down Levi’s shirt is so comfortable and a staple for any closet. Also it comes in other denim options and styles too. I added a pop of color with a MAC favorite of mine, This retro matte Lipstick in the color Dangerous. You’ve seen these jeans dozens of times but I practically live in them so it’s a miracle you don’t see them more often. I really need to go buy some more so I’m not in the same ones all of the time. I just love high waisted jeans especially because they come in longer lengths which is a necessity for these long one’s on me!

Life has thrown us a few curve balls this past month so I’m a little behind on posting but will be caught up very soon. Thank you all for being so understanding and supportive in this difficult time and I’m super stoked to share the rest of our Northern adventures with you all over this next week. Cheers to the Weekend!

Location: Fort Bragg/Mendocino, California

Ciao Bella’s Xx B.


Being able to share my style, travels, and beauty likes with you all makes me happy. And being happy is important. Thank you for coming along on this ride!

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