JACKET: Forever 21 similar here and here// SWEATER: Forever 21 – On Sale similar here // JEANS: Forever 21 here and here// HAT: Amazon // SHOES: Nike

This is one of my favorite outfits and these jeans are my go to on almost any day. If I could get away with wearing them daily I probably would. {But unfortunately, they do need to be washed at some point.} Everytime I buy a pair of Distressed denim jeans, my father has something to say about it! He’ll ask, “Where’s the rest of them?” or “You paid for pants that look like they’ve been worn for years but they’re new?” I can’t help it but I have been a fan of ripped jeans since I can remember and sorry Dad, but I don’t see me changing my ways anytime soon. I couldn’t find this super comfy sweater on Forever 21’s website but it is currently on sale for under $8 in stores! I love the attached illusion of a white tee underneath as well. Nice little light faux layered touch for these warm winter days in Southern California.  I am a huge fan of pairing as many looks as I can with tennis shoes. Why? Because I am usually doing a lot of walking and if I can get away with wearing a lovely pair of sneakers like these Nike’s than I usually take full advantage. {Also great for walking this sweet golden girl of mine.} This jacket is so essential for almost any month because it can be worn alone or layered for more warmth. I recommend this color as well because you will find it compliments many items in your closet! I’m pretty shocked at how much use I have gotten out of it and compliments. I just love statement pieces for every outfit and this hat is just it. The color is perfection and I love the casual simplicity of a traditional Baseball cap. It doesn’t hurt that it’s my team either! I’m really not much of a sports fan but I usually just go with whatever team is in the city that I am currently living in. {I know, I’m so bad.} I take my Golden Shasta on a walk at least 5 times a week and I always have so much fun exploring new places and parks with her. You really just can’t deny her sweet puppy dog eyes! She still has so much energy even though we’re coming up on her ninth Birthday. I could not imagine my life without dogs and I’m so happy I’m lucky enough to have two sweet ones!

Location: Orange, California

Ciao Bella's
Xx B.


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