BALLOONS: Target DRESS: Marshall’s (Old)

Holy Smokes everyone!!!! First of all we’re having a BABY!!! … and I can’t believe how incredibly long overdue this blog post has been! I am back in the posting action and promise to not stay away so long again. The first trimester for me, was absolutely horrible. I didn’t leave my bed for like 2 months and was too sick to do anything at all. I am now 26 weeks and am feeling so much better except the nausea has been traded in for the worst back pain ever! But nothing matters because we have this sweet baby joining our family in January and we are so over the moon.  It has been a long journey for Michael and I to finally say we’re going to be parents and I am forever grateful. We were planning on going the IVF route but our doctor suggested we try IUI first since we had enough vials banked from 14 years ago before Michael’s treatments. Michael underwent tandem bone marrow transplants, radiation and chemotherapy to treat his Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma making it impossible for us to conceive naturally. We never knew if we’d be able to have children of our own and can’t even explain how crazy it is that we have one on the way! It took on our first IUI which is even more insane and we are so so lucky. Here’s a little snip form when we got the call that we were pregnant. (Please ignore my ugly giant forehead vein.)

We are starting to work on the nursery and I am dying to share that post with you all very soon, along with my very special themed baby shower coming up in November! Thank you to everyone for your excitement and well wishes on this journey. I’m excited to get back into the normal swing of things and share so much more with you all.

Location: Dream Catcher Campground & Lodge | Graeagle, California

Ciao Bella’s, Xx B.


Being able to share my style, travels, and beauty likes with you all makes me happy. And being happy is important. Thank you for coming along on this ride!

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