TOP: Forever 21 // SKIRT: Forever 21 // FLATS: Forever 21 // NECKLACE: Forever 21

Last weekend my husband and I traveled to my childhood city of Sacramento. It was a celebration for my Grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary! That’s right, 60th! Two lovebirds who are lucky in love as I hope Michael and I to be in 60 years as well. Before all the shenanigans began over the weekend, we had some spare time to go to Oldtown Sacramento! Old Sac is a sincere throwback to everything that was my childhood. With the Sacramento River flowing through, to the old train Museum, and walking along the cobblestone streets. Its basically and early American town (Western-Y) and makes me really excited every time I visit. The streets are filled with restaurants and shops including my all time favorite three story costume shop,  Evangeline’s. There is a stationary River boat called The Delta King that has a great Restaurant and Bar, plus you can rent a room too and stay on the River! We didn’t stay overnight on the boat this time, but it’s definitely on my to-do list! We went Downtown for the evening and had dinner at the most fabulous restaurant called Cafeteria 15L. If you’re ever in the area, I suggest you stop here for dining. The decor, atmosphere, and food are to die for. We will for sure go back to this hot spot the next time we’re in town and make it a must do every visit!

The weather has been somewhat tricky lately even though we’re headed into the winter season pretty soon. I originally brought warmer attire but the weather in Sac was pretty decent and slightly hotter than I has anticipated. I picked up this entire ensemble at Forever 21, and it ended up being quite wonderful for the day we had planned. I’m such a sucker for high-waisted bottoms and usually lean towards them if it’s an option. I’ve read a few times now that men don’t usually find them that flattering, but I’m not so sure how accurate this information is. I wear high-waisted very often and after reading that, I immediately asked my husband his opinion on the matter. He said 98% of the time he likes them! Try to take a poll with the guys in your life and then get back to me, I’d love to know what others are thinking as well! Regardless, I’m not changing my style, just hoping to break these ridiculous  rumors once and for all.

This denim skirt also comes in a shorter length which I loved, but decided to buy the longer version since it’s Autumn. The shorter one would be the perfect go to for Spring/Summer though. This cropped blouse also comes in cream and maroon but I quite like the feathered pattern more. A simple pair of heels would compliment this look as well, but since we were walking around all day I opted for these flats with a shiny patent just to dress things up a bit. I like to plan my outfits pre-travels but when the weather acts up, it’s always a fun change to do some last minute shopping as well! It’s always refreshing for me when I go back home to indulge in the touristy things the city has to offer, I forget how pretty downtown really is!

Location: Oldtown // Sacramento, California

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