Twinning with Pico De Gallo

These matching Pajamas are the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! Bedhead is easily hands down my favorite PJ line for many reasons but mostly because I can go matchy matchy with my fur Babies! They have matching sets for the entire family with selections for Men, Women, toddlers, Babies, and even our adorable furry children! Pico and I went with this beautiful Blue eiffel tower print because let’s face it, Pico looks stellar in Blue!

Vintage Coat

I can’t even express to ya’ll how much I love to wear Vintage! Mainly because it’s rare that anyone else will have the same item of clothing as you and because eras come back around and around and it’s so cool to have timeless pieces authentic to that era to call your own. I actually inherited this coat about 15 years ago or so from a family member and have been extremely fond of it ever since. It wasn’t until I started watching Mad Men a few years ago that I remembered I had it stuffed away in the closet and decided to bring it back to life again.

All Black

I don’t usually gravitate towards an all black look, but this jacket was screaming to be the stand out piece and I actually forgot how much I love black! These cutout booties are from Angelina Shoetique and are under $30 and also come in nude! I really like the cutout detail because it takes the edge up a bit more on this look and really compliments the extra strappy’s on this top as well.

The Perfect Track Jacket

We have decided to slowly check things off our Bucket List locally until we can afford to check things off globally. Living in LA, there really is so much to do and explore and eat that it’s a bit overwhelming. We figured as long as we do something new every weekend or eat at a new restaurant, then eventually we will have scratched the surface. Hiking up to see the Hollywood sign was one that did not disappoint!

Indie Beauty Expo

When my husband asked me if I wanted to go to the Indie Beauty Expo in Downtown, I jumped on the chance to not only have an awesome date night but to explore a bunch of beauty brands I haven’t even heard of! We arrived a little early so we walked around the city and stopped by The Ace Hotel for some coffee, and I am in love with that place! We’ll definitely be going back there for some lunch at L.A. Chapter or drinks up on the gorgeous Rooftop!

Valentine’s Day: Dress Edition

We are less than two weeks away from Valentine’s Day and I’m super excited! I love seeing all the flowers and chocolates and shades of red and pink everywhere. I’ve rounded up 50 of my favorite dresses because honestly, I just couldn’t choose a few! Just click on the image and it will take you straight to the site for details and purchasing.

Brand Park

This year we made a resolution to get out more and not be such homebodies. We also decided that each week we would explore around town and either go to a new restaurant or just go somewhere we’ve never been before. We have lived in Los Angeles for almost 10 years now and have never really played tourist in our own City and have realized that there is so much we haven’t seen! Two weekends ago we decided to go to The Americana, a place we have been to, but it’s been a few years and figured there would be new shops and eateries to try.