So if ya’ll have been following my Insta page as of late, you’ve noticed I’m on a major pizza kick! As much as I hate to admit it, there’s even a few times I’ve gone that I didn’t even post about on social media, so it’s safe to say I have a serious problem. (I think it’s the cheese. Or Bread. Maybe the Sauce.) Ever since we went to Italy two years ago, I have been on a hunt to find a place with fresh ingredients and reminiscent of that delicious Italian style.  MidiCi’s is my new favorite, and not just for the food! Their food, service, decor, and ambiance makes this place my new fav spot! The price point is totally affordable, and they have beer and wine which makes this a perfect date place too. I recommend grabbing a table outside in the evening because it’s right on the boulevard and is perfect for people watching.

This top is one of my favorites for summer but is unfortunately from last season and could not be linked here. I am loving the cute off the shoulder and flow-y top trends for this season. They pair so nicely with a classic pair of skinnies and can be dressed up with heels or down with some strappy sandals. I’m also on a tassel earring rampage and seem to need them in every color! I couldn’t link these yellow one’s but they are from H&M and are in stores but for some reason not online. I have a feel like I’ll be wearing my hair in a crown braid indefinitely this summer. Yesterday was 107 degrees and I just can’t not have my hair up when it’s that hot! It’s also a perfect go to when you just don’t feel like washing your hair, which is me pretty much everyday. I will be living in my pool during this heat wave and hope everyone is staying cool as well. Happy Monday Babe’s!

Location: MidiCi The Neapolitan Pizza Company | Sherman Oaks, California

Ciao Bella’s Xx B.


Being able to share my style, travels, and beauty likes with you all makes me happy. And being happy is important. Thank you for coming along on this ride!


  1. Haha I never feel like washing my hair! I’d love to see tutorials for all of your cute summer hairstyles!

    This looks like the cutest date spot and pizza (or Italian food in general) is totally my weakness, too. Looking for the perfect pizza is a great low-key excuse to try all the Italian restaurants in your neighborhood!

    XO, Emily
    Epicurean Emily

    • Hahaah I love the way you think Emily! I MUST try them all or I can never really say what is actually the best. 😉

  2. Hi Brandi,
    I love pizza as well. It is addictive. Currently, I avoid eating pizza (I am cutting down on wheat) and it is hard. but I managed for the last month. :-))

    • Haha right?! It’s just difficult in the summertime! I guess thats what one piece swimsuits are for! 😉

    • Hahhaha I’d say its a great thing! French Fries are my absolute favorite too.Xx

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