Red, White, & Watermelon

Whoa, has it been an eternity since my last post! (Well only a month, but that’s enough to make me a crazy person.) If you haven’t seen yet on my Instagram, we have made a very sudden move from Los Angeles to Northern California to a town called Graeagle. We had a business opportunity that we just couldn’t pass up and now here we are, in the country, owners of a Campground! I never thought this would be where the future would lead us, but I am very excited for this new adventure and can’t wait to share more of our journey with you all.

The Perfect Track Jacket

We have decided to slowly check things off our Bucket List locally until we can afford to check things off globally. Living in LA, there really is so much to do and explore and eat that it’s a bit overwhelming. We figured as long as we do something new every weekend or eat at a new restaurant, then eventually we will have scratched the surface. Hiking up to see the Hollywood sign was one that did not disappoint!


These are the last photos from our Northern Cali vacation and I am so sad it’s over! There will always be more, but I just love spending time with my husband and now he’s back in the grind of his work so I rarely get see him. Most of these photos were taken near our cabin in Manchester, however, the one’s near the beach were just a few miles down the road at the Point Arena Lighthouse. (Where they filmed the movie Forever Young with Mel Gibson!)

Green Vest

I’m a little late on sharing this look from my 30th Birthday, but better late than never! I had so many different emotions this year about turning 30, but it turns out… it’s just like 29 (literally nothing has changed) so my anxiety was all for nothing.

Army Jacket

When you’re visiting your pop and you notice he has an authentic army jacket in his closet, you put it on and go visit the army tank down the street to take photos, obviously.

Pull Through Braid

I hope you enjoyed my first hair tutorial video! I am a huge fan of the Pull Through Braid and love experimenting with in in different ways. Securing each section allows you to really pull apart the braid for that extra fullness.

Chicwish Poncho

Happy first day of August my beauties! I cannot get over the fact that summer is already halfway over and I am just starting to feel like it’s only begun! This move we had really put things behind for us and now we’re playing catch up. (And by catch up I mean every day off we are spending in our pool so we can get all the summer vibes before it’s over.)