Oh Baby, Baby!

Holy Smokes everyone!!!! First of all we’re having a BABY!!! … and I can’t believe how incredibly long overdue this blog post has been! I am back in the posting action and promise to not stay away so long again. The first trimester for me, was absolutely horrible. I didn’t leave my bed for like 2 months and was too sick to do anything at all. I am now 26 weeks and am feeling so much better except the nausea has been traded in for the worst back pain ever! But nothing matters because we have this sweet baby joining our family in January and we are so over the moon. It has been a long journey for Michael and I to finally say we’re going to be parents and I am forever grateful.

H&M Active

Is anyone else over here wondering where September went? This month has flown by, and although I didn’t get to the gym as much as I wish I had, I sure did look cute when I did go thanks to H&M’s super chic Sportswear line! This padded outdoor vest is a must have for me this winter because the snow is coming and look how cute it is, it’s pink! This classic black running jacket is a staple and also comes in light grey and dark turquoise. I probably don’t need these super rad sports tights, but I want them and that’s important too, right? I encourage you all to go check out all the other awesome looks in their Sportswear line because you will not regret it. (This is not an ad, I just really really like this line!)

Bright Orange at the Observatory

I’m in Love Love Love with this flame orange reflective track jacket! I’ve been wearing it so often and have been getting tons of compliments on it’s vibrant color! It’s perfect if you’re feeling like standing out or if you need to stand out because you’re going for a run!

Indie Beauty Expo

When my husband asked me if I wanted to go to the Indie Beauty Expo in Downtown, I jumped on the chance to not only have an awesome date night but to explore a bunch of beauty brands I haven’t even heard of! We arrived a little early so we walked around the city and stopped by The Ace Hotel for some coffee, and I am in love with that place! We’ll definitely be going back there for some lunch at L.A. Chapter or drinks up on the gorgeous Rooftop!

A Lucy Love Affair

This was such a fun vacation Michael and I took up North 2 weeks ago. There’s something about the Northern coast that is just so magical. We were hiking through the forest and before we knew it we were at the cliffs with the most beautiful ocean views and sandy beaches.

Hot Pink

I’m not usually one to wear brights but this TOBI dress has won me over! I love the Hot Pink for summer and that it’s just a touch of brightness on the top versus a Hot Pink overload.