Vera Bradley Crossbody

The snow has finally melted you guys!!!! I am praying we are finished with the snow because I am so ready for warmer weather and sun dresses! As cute as this Navy Cape is, I’ll be happy to pack it away if that means my tanks and tees can come out. I honestly thought I would love the Winter here, but coming from LA, I just cannot adjust. I’m sure I will in time, or I just need a LaLa Land Winter home to flee to.

Camp Life

I can’t believe this is all so real!!! I’m living in the mountains? My Dadio keeps calling me his little mountain woman and I’m not quite sure how I feel about that! I am definitely still a city girl but am getting a little more used to all of the critters out here in the woods. The blaring sounds of ambulances, the party goers singing in the streets until 2 am are now replaced with loads of silence, crickets in the evenings, a fluffy brown bear, and more silence. Oh how life has changed.

Grey Cotton Dress

Last weekend we welcomed our beautiful niece Bella Mar into the world and we couldn’t be any happier! We spent the day with our nephew Jax while we waited for Bella to be born. Michael and I had so much fun playing with kid toys, sharing goldfish and coercing him into taking his nap. (Quite tricky but we finally got him to sleep!) I cannot wait until we become parents, but in the meantime it’s very cool to have these two in our lives keeping us on our toes.

Fun in Fort Bragg

Oh Northern Cali, How you do us well every single time. Whenever we head up North to visit my mum we usually just stay in Manchester Beach and rarely venture out anywhere. This time we decided to just drive the coast a little and see what we could find. It took us about an hour until we arrived at these two adorable towns, Mendocino and Fort Bragg.

Unofficial Fall Uniform

There is something just so lovely about a simple body suit and high waisted jeans combo, especially for Autumn. This look is super build-able and can be layered as needed or stands alone on it’s own just as well.

Blue + Embroidered

What could be better than a little baby blue Spanish inspired embroidered dress with billowy sleeves? How about a little baby blue Spanish inspired embroidered dress with billowy sleeves that’s 50% off?! At only $25 this dress could be your closets newest addition, and your new best friend this summer.