Dress up your bump with PinkBlush

Baby Boy is here as of the 18th of January! We named him Amsterdam Everest Matthews (more on why we chose this name later) and we are crazy in love with being his parents. He came a week early before I could share with you all some of my favorite maternity pieces, but it’s never too late!

First Snow

This maternity shoot was an absolute dream!!!! I kept putting off when we were going to shoot because I really wanted it to be snowy but then the forecast would always change and the snow would go away! We shot these at 37 weeks, which I feel like was pushing it, but I am so happy we waited and were able to take them and he didn’t decide to arrive early. It was pretty cold while we were shooting because it was actively snowing as well, so I wanted to share some of the BTS pics to show I wasn’t all that crazy.

Starry NYE

Happy 2019 Everyone! I hope that everyone had a fabulous 2018 and is gearing up for an even better 2019! With my sweet little bub due any day now, I know this year will be my very best yet! I can’t even begin to explain how tough pregnancy is, but I know the reward will outweigh all of the ups and downs I’ve had the last 9 months.