Northern California


Camp Life

I can’t believe this is all so real!!! I’m living in the mountains? My Dadio keeps calling me his little mountain woman and I’m not quite sure how I feel about that! I am definitely still a city girl but am getting a little more used to all of the critters out here in the woods. The blaring sounds of ambulances, the party goers singing in the streets until 2 am are now replaced with loads of silence, crickets in the evenings, a fluffy brown bear, and more silence. Oh how life has changed.

Red, White, & Watermelon

Whoa, has it been an eternity since my last post! (Well only a month, but that’s enough to make me a crazy person.) If you haven’t seen yet on my Instagram, we have made a very sudden move from Los Angeles to Northern California to a town called Graeagle. We had a business opportunity that we just couldn’t pass up and now here we are, in the country, owners of a Campground! I never thought this would be where the future would lead us, but I am very excited for this new adventure and can’t wait to share more of our journey with you all.


These are the last photos from our Northern Cali vacation and I am so sad it’s over! There will always be more, but I just love spending time with my husband and now he’s back in the grind of his work so I rarely get see him. Most of these photos were taken near our cabin in Manchester, however, the one’s near the beach were just a few miles down the road at the Point Arena Lighthouse. (Where they filmed the movie Forever Young with Mel Gibson!)

Fun in Fort Bragg

Oh Northern Cali, How you do us well every single time. Whenever we head up North to visit my mum we usually just stay in Manchester Beach and rarely venture out anywhere. This time we decided to just drive the coast a little and see what we could find. It took us about an hour until we arrived at these two adorable towns, Mendocino and Fort Bragg.

Wine Tasting in Anderson Valley

We started our morning off right at this adorable place in San Francisco called Cafe de la Presse where we had a delicious breakfast before heading North to meet up with my Mum for a day of Wine Tasting. It was too chilly in the city to eat outside but we sat by a window and the place was flooded with light so it was just as well.