Vera Wang


Vintage Coat

I can’t even express to ya’ll how much I love to wear Vintage! Mainly because it’s rare that anyone else will have the same item of clothing as you and because eras come back around and around and it’s so cool to have timeless pieces authentic to that era to call your own. I actually inherited this coat about 15 years ago or so from a family member and have been extremely fond of it ever since. It wasn’t until I started watching Mad Men a few years ago that I remembered I had it stuffed away in the closet and decided to bring it back to life again.

The Love Wall

This was one busy Sunday! This look is from two weekends ago when we shot our first VLOG for “Shoot the Blogger” and we went from LA>OC>LB>Culver City> then back to LA! Crazy day but such a fun one spent with my one and only love.