brandi-matthews-brandilocks-fabfitfun-winter-box-5Winter Box from FabfitFun | Nails by Dazzle Dry in the color Stunning.

My favorite box has arrived and this Winter Edition is to die for! I just love the surprise of not knowing what will be in the box, it’s like Christmas, but every season! This box had some of my favorites from brands I already love including this Gorjana necklace!

  1. Candle by D.L. & COThere were two candles and the one I received was the silver candle in the scent of Bergamot Woods and smells sooo comfy. (If that even makes sense!) This candle is a 7 oz soy blend and has a 40 hour burn time.  It’s always nice to receive candles as gifts because it’s just one of those things I don’t think about when I’m out shopping unless I’m buying one as a hostess gift for a friend. You also can’t sit down to read a book without candles burning. Or is that just me? $45
  2. Toggle Lariat Necklace by Gorjana – I am a huge lover of the Gorjana brand!!! I am wearing their pieces in the majority of the pics on my Blog. I have a few of their rings but this necklace is absolutely stunning! I love the toggle feature on it so you can wear it at different lengths and different styles. This is 32″ end to end and 18k gold filled chain with 18k gold plated toggle. I have a feeling you’ll be seeing this one a lot! A special $20 offer was attached as well so it looks like I’ll be perusing their site this evening. $75
  3. Thank You Card Set by Marie Mae Company – Stationary is one of the things I usually forget to buy but also an absolute must. There’s no better feeling than giving and receiving a hand written card from someone. Most people send out cards on Birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions. But what will really set you apart is letting someone know you are grateful even for the little moments in life. Sending cards to someone who has hosted you at their home is a great start. It shows them that you had a wonderful time and appreciate all the work they put into having you over. Even small milestones like running in a marathon or being promoted at work is the perfect time to send a hand written card. This is one of my favorite ways of adding a special touch to connecting with people and strengthening relationships because its super thoughtful. Not to mention these ones are really cute and are gold foiled which makes it extra fun to send out!  Until my FFF box arrived I actually didn’t have any stationary in my office but am so happy now that I do because it’s just nice to have on hand and definitely more convenient. Why buy from the Marie Mae Company? Because each purchase provides an hour of business school for women in emerging markets. How cool is that?!  $24
  4. 2017 Weekly Planner by Moleskin – This planner could not have come at a better time than the start of a new year! Fresh year and a Fresh start means getting organized so all your ducks can be in a row for 2017! I’m definitely guilty of being not so organized but one of my resolutions this year is to get that under control and this planner is key. I love that its a weekly  planner instead of a monthly one because it helps you to stay organized down to the day and fine tune all the details for that week. I had a pink one last year and it was much larger which prevented me from just throwing it in my purse and taking it along with me. This one is much more compact and will fit in my totes for easy travel when I’m on the go!    $20.95
  5. Iconoclast Mega Volume Lacquer Mascara by butter LONDON –  I am a Mascara hoarder and I have basically tried the majority of the top one’s out there. I think it’s important to find a few that you really love and switch it up from time to time. Your lashes become used to one certain type and then at some point it loses that wow factor and excitement when you’re finished applying. Thats when you know it’s time to switch up the routine a bit. Before this, I actually have never used butter LONDON but it’s been on my radar. After using it the past couple of weeks, it’s one I’ll be keeping in my lineup. It coat the lashes fully with a vibrant black finish and has a double feature molded brush that adds volume, separation, and definition. There’s no clumping, smudging and no flaking (which is my biggest pet peeve in a mascara)! Another awesome plus about this one is that it comes off easily when you want to take it off but stays on throughout the day for that fresh makeup look.  $20
  6. Mineral Face Peel by O.R.G. Skincare – This Mineral face peel is a game changer! I’ve used it twice this week and have already noticed a massive difference in my skin! The cool thing is that it’s mild and non abrasive with brightening agents so you can use it 3-4 times weekly. Another unique feature is that it comes in a spray bottle for easy application. My skin feels so much softer already it’s insane! Just make sure to follow up with a really good moisturizer, especially since it’s Winter and your skin is more prone to drying out. Continue with your usual makeup routine and you’ll notice the difference it makes to start with a smooth canvas.  $44
  7. Beach Butter Body Cream by Anderson Lilley – O.M.G. This body butter is insanely dreamy. It comes in Sicilian Tangerine and Winter in Manhattan Beach Scents.  I received the Winter in Manhattan Beach and it is right up my alley! I am a total beach bum and it really does smell of the ocean and sand with hints of White Jasmine. I can’t stop putting it on my hands and feet! I will be buying this again once mine runs out (which at the rate Im using it will be sooner than later) for sure! $24

Included in this box was a really cool gold star pin. (I’ve already pinned mine to favorite jean jacket.) It isn’t the pin itself thats so awesome, it’s what the pin represents. This pin is to bring awareness to the Starlight Children’s Foundation that  have helped more than 60 million sick kids by providing them with education, innovative technology and entertainment. For more information visit their webiste here or on Instagram here.

The total retail Value of this box is $252.95  and could be yours for only $40 with my offer code BRANDIM to save $10 off your first box! There’s excitement in every box and also makes for a great gift for yourself or a friend! Thank you so much to FabfitFun for this awesome box and to all the brands for contributing to make it extra special this season!

Ciao Bella’s Xx B.


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