This was one busy Sunday! This look is from two weekends ago when we shot our first VLOG for “Shoot the Blogger” and we went from LA>OC>LB>Culver City> then back to LA! Crazy day but such a fun one spent with my one and only love. We started out in Newport where Michael shot a 6 Million Dollar home for a job, and afterwards we shot a little for my Blog and the VLOG and then we headed to Long Beach to see our nephew Jax. He taught me a thing or two about play dough as well! “Don’t mix the colors!” From there we headed off to Culver City to check out a bar Michael wanted to take me to but also, I wanted to visit The Love Wall. I am a sucker for street art and big murals that say lovely things or show lovely images. What’s not to love about love anyways? The bar Michael took me to is called The Blind Barber. It’s too cool for school and so fun to take someone to if they haven’t heard of it yet. You have to walk through this very real barbershop and go straight to the back without saying anything. (If you ask where the bar is, they won’t let you in!) In the back it’s this very dark speak easy with handcrafted cocktails and artisan grilled cheese. I highly recommend this place if you haven’t been yet.

Lately, I’ve been really into watching Chelsea on Netflix and I am digging her style as well. This look was definitely inspired from Chelsea Handler who’s always rockin’ some sort of band tee with tight pants or a high waisted skirt. This skirt is from H&M last season, but it’s still a super popular skirt and they have it at a few different stores so I linked some similar options for you guys. If the season is already chilly where you’re at, some sheer black tights or some over the knee stockings or boots would be perfect as well. I opted for these Vera Wang Booties (also last season) because I haven’t been able to wear them yet because its been so hot. I always buy my boots when they go on sale after the season and then just keep them boxed up until an occasion calls for them or until the following season. I also linked similar Pink Floyd band tee’s but honestly, any of your favorite bands will do just fine and it’s your own personalization. (Try looking on amazon for specific one’s that you can’t find in stores.) Also, these exact sunnies I wore are linked and I wear them to work everyday and I get compliments on them daily. People always think they’re crazy expensive but they’re under $8 and the quality is actually very good. I hope everyone is having a very happy Sunday and you can see more on our first VLOG here!

Location: Newport Beach | Culver City, California

Ciao Bella’s Xx B.


Being able to share my style, travels, and beauty likes with you all makes me happy. And being happy is important. Thank you for coming along on this ride!

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