JACKET: Target // SWEATER: Target-Old (Alternative) // JEANS: Target // BOOTIES: Vince Camuto (similar)

January is the perfect time to layer up and show off these adorable green booties I picked up on Clearance over the summer! I have been going insane just keeping them in my closet, but finally have found the perfect time for their debut! Aside from the jacket and the jeans, everything is so last year. I linked similar items though so this look can still be achieved! These photos do not do the weather justice. {It was way more freezing than these photos lead on, and the holes in the knees of my leggings were not ideal.}

This jacket is still for sale even though I purchased it a year ago. It comes in four different colors and is a great buy as I have worn the crap out of it! {There is a compactable hood as well that zips into the collar; Sneaky little designers!} This fluffy sweater is perfect because its slightly cropped so it pairs nicely with high waisted bottoms, which is primarily what I wear. I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve sported these leggings quite a few times now throughout my posts, so you can say they were worth every penny!  I am sad to say that I could not find these exact pair of booties online. I bought them in summer when everything winter-ish was on sale, so it’s always hard to find when the season comes around. However, you can still find similar one’s online, or can try Off Broadway shoes as they usually have Vince Camuto Shoes on Clearance year round.

I always have such a blast going to visit my Dad, but this was a pretty funny trip as he did not get the whole style blogger thing. He was very understanding though when we had to stop to take these photos and when we couldn’t touch our food until I had properly documented it all. I think he’s starting to come around though… I can’t wait for our next adventure up to Lake Isabella!

Location: Lake Isabella, California

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