I can’t even express to ya’ll how much I love to wear Vintage! Mainly because it’s rare that anyone else will have the same item of clothing as you and because eras come back around and around and it’s so cool to have timeless pieces authentic to that era to call your own. I actually inherited this coat about 15 years ago or so from a family member and have been extremely fond of it ever since. It wasn’t until I started watching Mad Men a few years ago that I remembered I had it stuffed away in the closet and decided to bring it back to life again. I usually get compliments on it whenever I wear it because the color is so nostalgic and is such a unique piece. This one is extra special just because it’s been kept between families, but you’d be surprised how many insanely awesome coats (and pieces) I find at thrift stores for under $20, sometimes $10! So, I highly recommend exploring local thrift shops near you because there really are some great treasures. I styled this look with this super cute western inspired floral embroidered top from Forever 21, and it’s under $23! I also linked a few more options in this style because embroidery is all the rave right now and there were just too many cute options to not share. I would also like to highlight that fishnets are back!!!!! I mean back like in real life, not Halloween life! I have had these particular black nets seriously since 2007! (Yes, ten years.) The reason they last year after year is because they are made by Capezio. Capezio is a company that specializes in dance wear and these tights are no joke! I have them in nude as well and they have never ripped and are comfy and form to your body so you feel held in and super secure. I guess they’re a little pricey at $24 for fishnets, but I guarantee you will not regret it! I also buy some of my other ballet wear off here too for my workouts and everything is just made to last. I just wanted to thank you all for being so patient as it’s been a little rough getting my posts out on my normal posting schedule. I have gone back to work full time at The Beverly Hills Hotel and am just trying to get into the swing of things again with Blogging full time and working full time, plus normal life wife and dog mom stuff!  Wishing you all a Happy Friday!!

 Location: Sherman Oaks, California

Ciao Bellas, Xx B.


Being able to share my style, travels, and beauty likes with you all makes me happy. And being happy is important. Thank you for coming along on this ride!


  1. This coat is incredible! Thrift store shopping is so much fun. I found a really adorable red vintage coat a couple of years ago while thrifting for about $20 and it’s still hanging in my closet waiting to be tailored… Oops. Such a great tip about the dancers’ tights, too! I’m definitely going to keep this in mind for the next time I need a pair!

    Hope your balancing act gets easier, soon! Remember- we’re all in this together, girl! 🙂

    XO, Emily
    Epicurean Emily

    • Thanks so much Emily for your kind words!!! I love this Blogging community and all the Girl Power that comes along with it. wishing you a productive and Happy Monday babe!!! Xx

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